Please where a mask

We will be wearing a mask for your protection. We ask that you also wear a face mask during your visit.

We will be seeing patients in the office again starting May 4th. This will start by seeing a limited number of in-office visits each morning and some afternoons. These appointments will mostly be for patients that need surgical procedures or injections. We will do our best to create a safe environment where contact points are cleaned regularly and no one will be waiting in the waiting room. When you come in, we will take you straight back to an exam room. If a room is not available or you come in early, we may have you wait in your car for an open exam room.

Also, you can continue to have an appointment through TeleMedicine, in the afternoons, for now. This will be for patients who do not need to come in. That includes patients in high risk categories. It is perfect for things like acne checks and prescription refills for patients not seen recently. And if anything is going on, like a rash or a spot you are worried about, just stay safely at home and video call with Dr. Cohn. Insurance companies are mostly covering these visits the same as in office appointments. We will be transitioning back to full time in-office visits as our state’s professionals advise, probably in June.

Lastly, we will be wearing masks and gloves and we kindly request that you and anyone accompanying the patient wear a (nose and mouth) face covering too, for the entire time you are here. And, of course, if you are sick or have been sick in the past 2 weeks (even with a simple cough or nasal congestion) please reschedule for when you are better and have waited 14 days. We are getting through this and we sincerely appreciate your loyalty and your continued confidence in our medical and cosmetic services.

PS: This pandemic presented many challenges to health care providers and hospitals in our communities. We commend all the responders to this crisis who worked so hard to help others get through the worst of it and continue working to deal with it now. We would also like to thank Governor Mike DeWine for the prudent steps being taken to reopen Ohio’s economy. The decisions being made by the Governor reflect the difficult choices in balancing the potential health consequences of re-opening Ohio’s economy with the realities that the prolonged interruption of economic activity will have on our state.