Natural beauty

RESTYLANE is made in Sweden, a nation known for health, nature and beauty. Since 1996, more than a million people have been successfully treated with restylane in more than 60 countries.

Natural material

Hyaluronic acid is identical in all living organisms and occurs naturally in the body, creating volume in the skin, giving the eyes their shape and lubricating joints. The Non-Animal, Stabilized, Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA) in RESTYLANE smoothes wrinkles and folds, giving volume to your lips or contours to your face. In contrast to some other hyaluronic acid products, the hyaluronic acid in RESTYLANE is not extracted from animals. This means that there is no risk of transmitting disease or eliciting allergic reactions if you are sensitive to common foods, such as chicken & eggs.

Creating beauty with the body’s own material

RESTYLANE creates beauty with a gel based on a natural substance called hyaluronic acid. It gives natural volume in your skin to lift and produce new firmness, resulting in a healthy, vital appearance.

Advantages of Restylane

After injection, RESTYLANE generally remains for 6-12 months when injected into the skin. Due to a very effective stabilization method, the volume remains intact for a long period of time. By comparison, non-stabilized hyaluronic acid products are degraded within days to weeks after the injection. As the injected stabilized hyaluronic acid in RESTYLANE breaks down, water takes its place. The less concentrated the gel becomes, the more water it is able to bind. This is one of the main reasons why RESTYLANE lasts so long. Please note: The length of time a treatment maintains its effect is very individual and depends on many factors.
The hyaluronic acid in RESTYLANE is naturally integrated into the tissue and allows for the passage of vital nutritive substances like oxygen and hormones. As cells are also able to pass between fragments of the gel, your skin will look perfectly healthy and natural.
The hyaluronic acid in RESTYLANE is biodegradable, which means that, when the injected gel breaks down, it turns into water and carbon dioxide and disappears unnoticed from your body.
As your face is constantly changing, beauty is best maintained by evaluating the need for further treatment from time to time. With RESTYLANE, you are always in charge of your looks. With RESTYLANE, you always have the option of continuing or changing the combination of treatments. Treatments can be repeated as often as you like

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