Full CO2 laser resurfacing is a serious invasive cosmetic procedure with dramatic and immediate results.  This is not a fractionated lunchtime peel.  CO2 laser resurfacing requires a patient’s commitment to several days of downtime for recovery, however, it continues to be an ideal method for eliminating moderate to deep lines and creases, due to aging and sun damage. It is a tried and true approach to serious skin rejuvenation.

CO2 laser resurfacing  precisely removes tissue, layer by layer, and the healing from that corrects moderate to deep lines and wrinkles, acne scars, softening pucker marks, and repairing skin discolorations.  The results are generally quite dramatic, effective and long-lasting.

This procedure does not result in that face-lift, pulled back, look.  Also, there is no cutting or stitching involved in resurfacing.  CO2 laser resurfacing restores your skin to a healthy state, similar to that of skin that has not experienced sun damage or scarring. With proper sun protection, results can persist for more than five years.  It truly forces the skin to repair itself and  ‘turns back the clock’ on your facial appearance.

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