💋Happy International KISS Day today💋 And what better way to celebrate then by introducing you to our newest, longer lasting, hyaluronic acid based lip filler; Restylane Kysse. This product uses a unique cross linking technology that integrates into the skin to allow for natural expression in motion. Yes, it actually moves with you! The perfect balance of flexible, Kysse-able, softness, combined with structure and definition for soft luscious lips.  And the best part is; Kysse can last for up to a full year! It only takes about five to ten minutes to inject, typically only requires one syringe, there’s little to no downtime and minimal pain. For a limited time we are offering $100 off on your first syringe. So what are you waiting for? Call 330-425-7600 for an appointment.

Restylane Kysse special offer til July 31, 2020

Offer good til 7/31/20