There is a big saving event on November 8th which will save you money on fast-acting, long-lasting and proven safe/effective Dysport® treatments.

On November 8th you can claim $50 off $150 ASPIRE gift cards to use for Dysport treatments.*  In other words, you can buy $150 gift cards for only $100.  You can buy more than one, as long as they last.  And you can buy them as gifts for other people.

If you want to grab this offer, you must establish or log into your Aspire account at: ASPIRE Galderma Rewards – Earn, redeem, save & repeat. ( and make the purchase on November 8th.

So, treat yourself by smoothing frown lines between the brows, around the eyes or across your forehead!  Dysport® works (exactly like BOTOX) by smoothing out wrinkles, which are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions. These Micro injections prevent muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. The result is natural-looking, and you will feel exactly like you, without the lines.

Just one 15 minute treatment will quickly give you results for about 5 months. Results of repeat treatments may last longer. Plus, there’s minimal downtime after the treatment, which means you can get back to your day right away.

Book an appointment online by clicking here or by calling 330-425-7600.

*Offer terms and conditions apply from Galderma and their Aspire program. Offer expires after 11/8/23 but gift cards purchased last one year.