Kristoff Scott
Yelp July 29, 2014

Dr. Monique Cohn is the best dermatologist in town. She is very popular with my friends and family in Twinsburg and Hudson and she gets busy for a reason. She knows what she is doing and she is very personable. It is easy to get an appointment and her staff is highly competent. Do not expect the typical doctor. She sits down with you and she does not wear a white coat. She knows my whole family and she has solved some serious problems for us. We count on Dr. Monique and we love her.


Adam J., Beachwood, OH
Yelp April 2014

Monique is amazing. I came back from a European vacation with a strange rash that my GP wasn’t able to identify/ help me with. After calling the clinic, and being told to wait a month to see anyone that had been practicing for more than a few months, I was referred to Monique. She was very accommodating and friendly and got me right in. After coming in she gave me a cream that cleared things up like magic. I have referred many friends to her and they all have loved her.


Ken R., Chagrin Falls, OH
Yelp August 25, 2014

I’ve been a patient of Dr Cohn’s for decades and my experience is always outstanding. Her office staff is cheerful and well trained. Generally provides samples when available helping reduce overall costs. Highly recommended


Angie H., Chesterland, OH
Yelp December 11, 2012

My mom recommended me to her. She and her staff were actually very nice with me. She actually took a biopsy from my arm and sent me to do bloodwork. Would have been nice if they did the bloodwork there at the office but other than that I had a good experience with her. I was even able to get in with her really fast. Most offices are booked a few months ahead of time, even though I explained the situation to them. It’s not like she not busy, because she is, she’s very good with getting in for urgent issues.


Hunter G. April 11, 2014

I am a high-school swimmer and I developed this really strange rash. My mom took me to two different doctors over six months and no one could figure out what was going on. Finally our family friend told us to go to Dr. Monique Cohn She was a cool doctor. She didn’t even where a white coat. She asked me a ton of questions and was very interested in my swim career but more interested in my rash. She diagnosed me as having something I cannot spell or pronounce then gave me samples of a medicine that cleared my rash in less then a week! I can’t believe I waited six months to come to Dr. Cohn!


Jeff John April 7, 2014

I came to Dr. Monique Cohn for a number of skin problems. She was very helpful with my psoriasis and she removed skin cancer on my face. No scar. She has done Botox on my wife for years, too. Great dermatologist.


hadelstein July 11, 2014

I love Dr. Cohn. I am 16 and I have struggled with acne for two years. I tried all the products on TV and even went to two other dermatologists in the area. The TV stuff is garbage and the other doctors only gave me weak medicine and wanted me to buy their version of TV lotions and potions. Dr. Cohn, she likes to be called; Monique, gave me some pretty strong creams and pills and she said, “this is going to be tough but if you stick with it, we will get you clear.” I liked her and I trusted Monique so i agreed to try her prescirptions! We got all these discount cards from her office and for a lot less then my mom had spent in the past. My skin looks amazing! Thanks Monique. I told one of my friends to come to her and she is coming in next week. Everyone should at least try going to her. Monique is the best dermatologist there is! She will get you looking as good as new in a matter of months (: I recommend going to her.


SpiceGirl May 8, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Cohn for several years with great results. From the 1st time I met her and she walked in the room and introduced herself by her first name, I knew I liked her. She has a casual and friendly yet professional demeanor. She treats you as a person not like just another patient and this to me is a truly holistic approach to medicine. She will listen to you and fix your skin problem with whatever prescription or non prescription medicines she thinks you need. You might have to wait a liittle bit in the waiting room but that’s because she’s good and everyone wants to see her. She’s definitely worth the wait.


CAS78 July 28, 2014

My experience with Dr. Monique Cohn and her staff was excellent. I was referred to her for treatment of cystic acne. I am extremely happy with my treatment and results. I typically have a wait time of 15-20 minutes in the waiting room and the girls at the desk are very helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cohn to anyone experiencing skin issues or seeking cosmetic procedures


Rachele, Gates Mills, Oh
Google 2/12/2014

I started seeing Dr. Cohn for problems with my skin, which turned out to be eczema. She knew right away and prescribed me an ointment and antihistamines, which have helped greatly. When I needed an appointment for the first time, she got me in on that same exact day! This staff is AMAZING and always managing to keep the customers happy! I enjoy every appointment I have with Dr. Cohn, as I feel that she truly cares about her patients and it is always great to catch up with her!!! I am SOOO glad that my aunt recommended that I see Dr. Cohn! I’ve seen another dermatologist prior to finding Advanced Dermatology and that prior experience was horrible, as that dermatologist looked at my eczema for 2 minutes, told me he had no idea what it was and then told me to schedule another appointment with him in 2 weeks. I was disgusted and knew he only wanted that copay money, so I didn’t even show up. I waited an entire year before I would even attempt to see another dermatologist, because I thought it would be the same type of negative experience. My aunt had always told me about Monique and how great she is, so I decided to give Advanced Dermatology a chance, and I am SO glad that I did. Even though I was nervous coming into a new situation, Monique was so sweet, outgoing, patient, kind and caring. She actually takes time to talk to the patients and always asks how I’m doing and we chat for a few minutes as I update her on my life. She never rushes through our appointment and that is something I love about having her as my dermatologist. My experience at Advanced Dermatology was the total opposite from my prior experience. Monique is wonderful and I HIGHLY recommend her!!! I can honestly say that I LOVE this place and the professional staff!!!! Thanks for all that you guys do! Know that you are appreciated and keep up the great work!!! -Rachele


Amanda Wall
Google 1/23/2014

I came to see doctor Cohn for acne help. I saw how she helped my brother, husband and grandparents with their skin issues and I knew she was the best dermatologist for the job!! I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of Dr. Cohn and all of her staff. It is always a positive experience every visit. The office is a clean and welcoming environment. I would highly recommend Dr. Cohn to anyone!


Charlotte Polien
Google 1/5/2014

I have to thank Dr. Cohn and her staff for fitting me in the same day. I had an emergency and her staff found a time to fit me in. They were very understanding of my situation. Dr. Cohn was very quick yet thorough with her treatment. After expecting to wait hours, I was in and out in an hour. Thank you for being so accommodating


Chris Wilson – Hudson, Oh
Google 1/2/2014

My doctor in Hudson recommended Dr. Cohn. I had two black and brown moles and was moving to a sunny climate so wanted to get them checked out. Dr. Cohn removed them both, one on my face. No scar. She did a beautiful job. And both were pre-cancerous. She was so nice and gave me a ton of samples for my adult acne too. Every time I come back to visit, I will be coming to see her for regular skin checks. I found a new favorite dermatologist. Highly recommended!!!


Istiaque Khan
Google 4/17/2013

I visited her initially for my wife, then I also became her patient. In one word if I have to describe about my whole experience then it will be “THE BEST”. After being told by couple of doctors about my wife’s condition in negative way that it will not be possible to recover 100%, within 6 months or so Dr. Cohn’s treatment not only resolved the issue but also recovered to it original state. As for my condition, it was minor but I was having that for quite some time. With in two months all resolved. Me and my wife both are ever grateful for such a wonderful service she provided. As a person she is very kind, polite and listening.


Angie’s list 4/28/2012

“I went to see her for a problem on the back of my leg. She is to the point and very good. I like her advice and she finds the problem quickly. She found medicine that worked great for me and solved the problem in a day or two.”


Shirlee A.
Angie’s list 4/16/2012

I came to discuss dry skin and adult acne. Dr. Cohn was very nice and the staff is highly efficient. She prescribed some great medications and gave me tons of samples.

I am very happy with her services and her professionalism. She seems to know what she is doing and the waiting room was packed so I guess a lot of other people think so too.


Sierra Grasso

13 minutes ago

This office, the staff and Dr. Cohn are excellent! I am a physician and Dr. Cohn is who I chose for my own care. Her staff are kind and supportive and are willing to help in any and all ways to make your experience excellent! I strongly recommend them for any dermatologic care you need.


Jeff Stone

2 weeks ago

been there several times, only waited once, and it’s worth the wait. Dr. Cohn was always friendly and compassionate, but also “down to business.” I’ve had numerous spots zapped of my face, happy with results. I can now get free care elsewhere, but I’ll stick with the Doc. Staff has always been friendly.


Allie Weltman

3 weeks ago

I had an excellent experience in Dr. Cohn’s office. I came in to get my ears pierced. I am really nervous with needles and wouldn’t go to anyone else. There was almost no wait time, and the ladies at the front were very nice. Dr. Cohn made me feel very comfortable, and I am so happy with the results. The office is a little far from my home but I am switching to Dr. Cohn for all of my dermatological needs.Response from the owner3 weeks ago

Thank you, Allie, for the very kind review. I enjoyed working with you and we appreciate your confidence in our services.


Alexis Namy

3 weeks ago

Wow! What an amazing office and an even better experience. I accompanied a friend to an appointment and have decided that I need to make one for myself. The staff was efficient and kind, which is sometimes tough to get these days. The work that doctor Monique Cohn does is exquisite and cannot be beat. I know that I will be back for many times to come.

Response from the owner3 weeks ago

Thank you for coming in today, Alexis. I am delighted you had a good experience. We appreciate your confidence in our medical services. Monique



dana hoover

11 months ago

The skin care has always been great in this office. But recently had several insurance coverage issues and the office staff and Kevin worked very hard to get it resolved quickly and in my favor. I would recommend this doctor and staff to anyone.

Response from the owner11 months ago

Hello Dana,
We are so glad that you are happy with our services, and thank you so much for the referral!

David Orloff

a year ago

Tremendous experience! Not only was the doctor a pleasure, the staff was equally accommodating! I specifically went there for an issue that my 15 year old daughter had; so as you could imagine, she was somewhat nervous. Almost instantly, once my daughter met Dr. Cohn, all fears were relieved and we are on our way to a solution. The best part about the doctor, she does NOT have a cold, clinical type presence; she is completely warm and ultra patient-centric! If more doctors operated like her, I think that there would be no such thing as white-coat disease! Again, an absolute pleasure!.

Response from the owner11 months ago

Thank you for the kind words, David. It was a pleasure taking care of your daughter.



Marbeth B.
Angie’s list 4/9/2012

I saw her because my hair was falling out. I was referred to her from 5 other people and she is fantastic. She is helpful, she takes her time. She is wonderful.


Mrs. V
Angie’s list 3/23/2012

“Me and my husband go to Dr. Cohn. She is wonderful and we’ve had good luck with her. The only thing is, if you have a 10 o’clock appointment, you may get in there by 11, as she is always jammed, but efficient. I talked to her about it, she said people make appointments for one thing, but, when they get in her office, they have other issues that need to be addressed as well, and she has to address them. I give her high ratings.”


Yelp 12/1/11

I went to Dr. Cohn after having a horrible experience at another dermatology practice and couldn’t have been more pleased. Yes, the wait was long and the waiting room was packed but I didn’t much care because the care I received was very good. The doctor and her staff are very nice. They’re clearly very busy but Dr. Cohn didn’t mind taking the time to answer my questions and treated me like my business mattered to her. If you’re looking for a dermatologist in northern Summit County I would highly recommend Dr. Cohn. Just bring a book!


August 12, 2011

Dr. Cohn is a great dermatologist. I am in the sun and I travel often so I have reason to see her several times a year. She has helped me with adult acne, posion ivy, and a rash I contracted while on a cruise in South America. Her staff will squeeze you in if they can and they are a nice group of smart young girls. Yes, it is a busy office but I do not like going to empty restaurants and you just know all the people in her waiting room are there because they too have heard she is good. Also, she helped my elderly father with several skin conditions and twice took him in for an emergency visit. I love knowing I have Monique as my doctor and that I can call on her whenever there is a need. But I am still thinking about Botox. Maybe someday I’ll let her try it on me.


Rash Patient
August 10, 2011


My family doctor said I don’t know what this rash is but I know who will. He sent me to Monique Cohn. I had struggled with this for years and it took her four seconds to tell me what it is, how I got it and how to treat it. Problem solved and I am very appreciative!


Lyndhurst, OH
August 4, 2011


Even though I had seen Dr. Cohn several years ago for allergy issues and she was fine, I was still nervous that something changed after reading the bad reviews. I have seen her 2x recently for cosmetic procedures. First, her assistants are patient and kind. Dr. Cohn is kind, gentle and explained the procedures to me in a non-aggressive manner. When I wasn’t sure how much filler I needed she offered to make injections and wait and see if I was happy-and if not she would apply more – meaning do the routine all over again. She made small talk and laughed and smiled a lot. I saw her today and I will return every 4-6 mos. for maintenance!


Satisfied Patient
August 4, 2011


I had a great experience with Dr Cohn and her staff. I would highly recommend Advanced Dermatology.Dr. Cohn was amazing. She took the time to make sure that I understood my skin condition. We then discussed my treatment options and what would be best of me. She made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions. The staff was friendly and very personable, making me feel like I have been a patient for years. For me that is a huge plus because, I get anxious going to any doctor appointments. They took the time to make sure that I understood the medications that I was given. Advanced Dermatology went beyond my expectations.


Acne Patient
August, 2011

I love this Dermatologist

Dr. Monique Cohn is the best. She takes care of my acne and she is super nice! Not your usual doctor. More like a good friend.


July 20, 2011

Dr. Cohn has a great practice and a wonderful staff. Whenever I have an emergency issue, she always manages to fit me into the schedule. The visits are always thorough and complete. This is MUCH better than the service and staff at the large healthcare institutions in town.



Yelp 7/14/11

Soo Just waiting for my appointment…. Researched Dr Cohn, because I’m looking to get some work done! She is listed on, and her reviews on http://healthcaregrades.… are pretty good. I would like to know the person touching me is not going to leave me scarred! Hopefully only a better review in the future. I wish more people would review their experiences so the ‘lookers’ had some extra knowledge!


Long time patient
July, 2011

Great doctor who is up on newest technologies and techniques.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cohn’s for the past 12 years, in that time I have had several body checks and possible skin cancers removed. Dr. Cohn is very busy but for me this is a good sign, I do not want to walk into a doctor’s office and be the only patient waiting. That being said there is sometimes a wait which I have avoided by getting early appointments or right after lunch appointments. I am always greeted in a nice and professional manner, when I am taken back her medical staff if wonderful. Her staff is kind and starts the whole experience in a positive manor. When Dr. Cohn comes in she always gives enough time to treat all my concerns. Lastly every procedure I have had done has always healed great with minimum scaring. Definately worth any waiting I have done!


Scott W
June 27, 2011

Wonderful Experience

I love Dr. Monique Cohn. She is the best dermatologist I can imagine. It never takes her long to diagnose the problem but she will take all the time you want discussing treatment options. She is fun to go to and to be with. The staff is extremely smart and experienced and the office is light and lively. I have had wonderful experiences though the years I have been seeing her.


Jacquelyn C
June 14, 2011

Highly recommended

I had a great experience with Dr Cohn and her staff. I would highly recommend Advanced Dermatology.

Dr. Cohn was amazing. She took the time to make sure that I understood my skin condition. We then discussed my treatment options and what would be best of me. She made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions.

The staff was friendly and very personable, making me feel like I have been a patient for years. For me that is a huge plus because, I get anxious going to any doctor appointments. They took the time to make sure that I understood the medications that I was given.

I have been to my fair share of doctors offices and Advanced Dermatology went beyond my expectations. I want to make sure that Dr. Cohn and her staff get the positive recognition they deserve.


Acne Patient
June 7, 2011


This is one of the top docs in my opinion. She is very smart and has solved several complicated skin problems in my family. Also, she is aggressive with acne and got my face clear fast. I strongly recommend Monique Cohn.


Adult Acne Patient
June 7, 2011


The best dermatologist in the area!! Dr. Cohn spent a great deal of time with me and her staff was very friendly. Dr. Cohn was very successful in treating my adult acne and I would definitely recommend her to anyone experiencing problems with their skin.


Happy Derm Patient
February 22, 2010

My wife got me started here and the whole family is now delighted with Monique Cohn. My kids love her and their skin looks great. My wife gets Botox and my mother even sees her now. We love Dr. Cohn. She is relaxed and easy to talk to, plus she really knows her stuff. We have never seen a better Dermatologist. She is highly recommended!

Kristen McPhillips

1 review

2 months ago

Dr. Cohn is the best dermatologist I have ever been to and I have gone to quite a few places. She is extremely knowledgeable about dermatology and always takes the time to explain or answer any questions I have. She recently removed 3 cosmetic moles on my face and you can’t even tell they were removed 2 weeks later. I am SO HAPPY with my skin results since going to Advanced Dermatology. I have referred my sister who had terrible acne and now her face is 100 times better, my fiance, my friends. It is a great place to go and the most reasonable priced if you are getting anything cosmetic done. Dr. Cohn is very professional and kind. Her staff is always accommodating and couldn’t be nicer. I would highly recommend Advanced Dermatology to anyone I know.

Response from the owner3 weeks ago

Thanks Kristen. I am delighted you had a great experience. I appreciate your confidence in our services and your very kind referrals. Monique

Matthew Gerstenfeld

2 months ago

Only complaint is they tend to run slow between 30 and 45 minutes late on appointments.

Response from the owner3 weeks ago

Hi Matthew, I am sorry for the wait when you were in. I try to do my best to stay on time throughout the day. We do offer guaranteed “No-Waiting” appointments with Stacey Kimber, our Physicians Assistant. She has been with me for more than 10 years and she does almost everything I do. Also, you can try to book first appointment of the morning or first after lunch. I am always on time then. Call and ask for one of these appointments if you are pressed for time. Finally, thanks for the compliment that this is the “only” complaint. Regards, Monique

Max Adelstein

3 months ago

I’m on some medication that dried my hands out a lot. I called the office and the staff got me in the same day I called. Dr. Cohn took time to listen to me explain my problem, then prescribed me a good medication. It wasn’t too expensive and my insurance actually covered most of the cost of it. Within a few times of using the medication, my hands were no longer dried out. She seems pretty smart and really knows what she’s doing.

Response from the owner2 months ago

Thank you for the compliment and the very kind referral. We are delighted you had a great experience. I appreciate your trust and confidence in our services. Monique

Srylesby Timeka

8 months ago

So far my visit was great! The medical assistant was very efficient and nice.. Dr Cohn was great in explaining the treatment process as well as giving me a clear picture versus false hope.. I have even called a few times nervously.. I’m worrrying about my treatment and I have to say the staff have been patient and very informative.. So far I love this place! Did I mention this was my first visit and they had me scheduled within a weeks time? I am now bringing my children to see her.. and a few friends!!

Response from the owner7 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful review! we here at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center value our patients and always strive to provide a professional experience. I hope to see you again soon.
– Monique

Ben Dwight

10 months ago

Very good experience and happy I came here. They are very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They are very helpful with those who aren’t insured and Kevin did a great job of helping me figure things out financially. The only thing I would recommend is disclosing the fact that there may be more lab fees up front after your visit, it’s pretty shocking getting a bill from a lab when you assumed everything was settled by paying upfront. Thank you guys for the good service and I will continue to come back here!

Response from the owner10 months ago

Thank you for this very kind referral. We appreciate your confidence in our services. Also, thanks for the suggestion. I reminded the staff to make sure all patients are aware that specimens removed will be sent to an outside lab for dermatopathology.

Jessica Richardsn

10 months ago

I was a new patient at this practice on 7/31/18. I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience. The office staff, medical staff and doctor are all very friendly, and efficient. I really appreciated the quality customer service and professionalism. I recommend this doctor/practice to everyone.

Response from the owner10 months ago

Thank you for this very kind referral. It delights us every day to satisfy our patients with medical services. Monique